Dr. Charles Rheeman

Dr. Charles Rheeman (2)My name is Dr. Charles Rheeman, and I am an oculoplastic and neuro-ophthalmology specialist.  As a specialist, I take on some of the most complicated eye problems in the community.  As a medical doctor, I understand that our health is one of our biggest concerns, and losing your vision in particular is an incredibly scary time.  Without your vision, it is difficult to maintain your quality of life and continue all of your normal daily activities.

I have dedicated my life to taking care of people’s vision and their eyes.  As a neuro-ophthalmologist, I take care of a wide variety of visual problems, from loss of sight due to damage to the brain or the optic nerves (such as trauma, inflammation, stroke, tumor and infection) to patients who have problems controlling their eye movements, sometimes causing double vision.

As an oculoplastic specialist, I perform plastic surgery to the areas around the eyes, treating conditions such as droopy eyelids, excess eyelid skin, skin cancer, eyelid turning in or out, and eyelid spasms.

I also see a lot of patients with ocular complications from multiple sclerosis.  Up to 50% of patients with MS will develop an episode of optic neuritis, and, in 20-30% of the time, optic neuritis is the presenting condition of MS.  Over the course of the disease, virtually 100% of those with MS will experience some visual problems, including visual loss and/or various distortions of vision. As with other neurological symptoms in MS, these visual problems can come and go, fluctuate in severity, or be permanent.

We believe that if we can provide the proper support early on, we can increase your chances of maintaining a high quality of life.  This is just one way that Saratoga Ophthalmology is working to promote eye health.

I have made my home in Brunswick, New York, taking care of patients from about 200 mile radius from the capital district. I continue to strive to improve my patients’ conditions and am dedicated to provide my patients with the absolute best possible experience, treatment options, and outcomes.


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