We understand that vision allows you to enjoy life.  When proper treatment is provided for certain eye conditions we can preserve vision and restore sight.

Your eye problems can be pretty scary because almost everything you do relies on being able to see to be mobile, and vision issues can be very detrimental to normal living.  From Diabetes to Age-related Macular Degeneration and Double Vision to Optic Neuropathy, our team of physicians can work with you to discuss options for treatment and recovery.

You Deserve a Board Certified Ophthalmologists with Compassion, Experience and Results.

We have put together this website for others to overcome their fears and get treatment early. If this site provides one bit of information that gives you peace of mind in regards to any aspect of your eye health, then it will be considered wildly successful. When our health fails us, we become most vulnerable and need the most trusted advice. Trusted advice, skilled treatment options, and comfort are what we offer you.

Saratoga Ophthalmology is dedicated to helping patients improve their vision in order maintain their quality of life.  Drs. Hammad, Rheeman and Krohel have not only been able to achieve great results, but the care and compassion they have for patients greatly reduces the stress they can feel during the treatment process.

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